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Jessica Schatz, owner of Body by Jessica, has become one of the most popular teachers of Pilates in Los Angeles with a unique combination of expertise in both Pilates and Yoga. She is praised for the vitality and pace of her private instruction and classes and her own amazing physique and level of fitness. Jessica produces results – namely, “the body the client always wanted.”

As a professional contemporary dancer in San Francisco, she realized that Pilates and Yoga were essential to maintain the resiliency and stamina needed to perform at her best with Limon West, Tandy Beal & Company, Joe Goode, Opera San Jose, and other formidable dance companies. Jessica began Pilates and Yoga training more than 20 years ago to increase her strength and flexibility and avoid injury. Her successful teaching of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Core Power Yoga, and Restorative Yoga led Good Times magazine of Santa Cruz, CA, to select Jessica as “Best Yoga Instructor.”

Work as a stage and music video choreographer brought Jessica to Los Angeles. There she achieved certification as a Pilates instructor in traditional East Coast Pilates under Dana Santi, a protégé of Pilates pioneer Romana Kryanowska. Dancers and non-dancers sought out her rare combination of skills in Pilates and Yoga and years of dance experience not found in other instructors. They found that Jessica was especially skilled at designing a unique, individual program of exercises that fits the particular client. Inspired and motivated by her energy and talents, clients work efficiently to develop a long, lean, healthy body like Jessica’s that defies aging and produces lasting awesome fitness.

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Classical East Coast Pilates:
Private sessions, duos, & groups.
Home visits or Pilates studio in West Hollywood


Yoga; Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, & Core Power Yoga:
Privates sessions, duos, & groups
Home visits or studio in West Hollywood


All first time sessions include assessment and
evaluation in order to develop a specific program
based on each individuals unique needs and issues.


CONTACT: For rates and locations

Email: absolutelyjessica@gmail.com


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